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Jenifer L

**Update** I am a stay-at-home mother taking care of an amazing, two-year-old boy who has been diagnosed with high-risk for autism and sensory processing issues. Although I have no initials behind my name, I dare the professionals to disagree with me. DO NOT put my son into an autism box and treat him or others like him according to the books you have read. Autistic children are not lazy, do not lack motivation, do not lack empathy, etc. At this point, I am the expert until you prove me wrong. I took over, and we are watching my son thrive!

My mission right now is to help other parents and other children like my son. You may disagree with my ideas and/or they may not work for your child, but here is what I have learned--and it's what my son has taught me. Andrew taught me how to be his mother. I hope my articles (forthcoming, when time permits) will assist parents who are looking for help and maybe promote discussion with constructive ideas to be shared. Previously writing under the pen name Deni Edwards, I decided to use my true name for articles regarding my son.**

Deni (my pen name) has approximately 25 years experience in the healthcare industry, both clinical and administrative, with an emphasis on the insurance side of healthcare. She has written numerous articles designed to assist people to better understand the most frequent problems often encountered when dealing with an insurance company or doctor's office and how to resolve these conflicts.