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David A Cohen

I am Married, 55 years old, Born and bred in the Bronx, NY. Have been in Israel almost 40 years. Have a PhD in criminology, and worked 28 years in the field of forensic psychiatry and risk assessment of sexual offenders. Left because I'd had enough dealing with Evil and after I was diagnosed with PTSD due to vicarious trauma.

During my tenure in the civil service, I "founded" the profession of risk assessment in Israel, took part in high level meetings, wrote briefs and reports for wide variety of audiences and on varying levels. I met people from all levels of society and learned how to talk to them and to write for them.

I suffer from diabetes an an allergy to wheat, and have a daughter who is gluten intollerant. My wife (who can eat anything) and I cook and bake food that is gluten free and / or diabetic friendly, or just plain healthy.

We also have a dog who suffers from PTSD.

I love to write. So I'm trying my hand as a freelance content writer and I'm here to show what I've got.

If you like it, please say so. If you have critique, please say so too. I will only learn from it. If you have a job, please contact me.

David Cohen