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Cindy Vine

I'm probably one of the least exciting people I know but for some strange reason I always end up having the strangest adventures. Maybe it's because I'm never too afraid to leave my comfort zone. The good thing is that my adventures provide endless material for my writing. I currently live in Cape Town, South Africa Altogether, I've lived in ten different countries so I guess that makes me a bit of a gypsy.

It was in New Zealand I wrote my first book, a self-help one called Fear, Phobias and Frozen Feet. It is all about breaking the cycle of bad relationships in your life. In China I wrote my first novel Stop the world, I need to pee! This was followed by The Case of Billy B, Not Telling and Defective. After driving from Kilimanjaro to Table Mountain in Cape Town and back, a distance of 11800km, accompanied only by my teenage daughter - I decided to write a coffee table type book of our experience called The Great Mountain to Mountain Safari. I also wrote a self-help book with a difference called How to say no to sex and other survival tips for the suddenly single. Contrary to what you may think, it is NOT about abstinence! It contains some of my entertaining relationship hubs and other new material. Other novels are CU@8 and Hush Baby.

You can find my books as paperbacks or on Kindle at and My books are also available in different ebook formats on

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