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Celeste Wilson

Hi, my name is Celeste and I love to write about crafting and self-care. For me crafting spans many mediums. I could be doing arts and crafts in the morning then whipping up a lip balm in the afternoon. I am a qualified massage therapist with a keen interest in essential oils and self-care remedies. I am no longer a practicing massage therapist. The writing bug bit me and flipped my life upside down. Today I am a writer. I love to share my essential oil knowledge, DIY recipes, and self-care remedies. This is why Hubpages is such a wonderful platform for me.

I have authored four young adult fantasy fiction books and am currently working on my fifth. So when I am not deep in a magical forest fighting fantastical creatures, I am here on HubPages sharing my latest essential oil journey.

Thank you for reading my articles.