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Mary Wickison

Mary combines her passion for writing with life on a farm in the tropics. She writes about many topics including health for the mature woman, real estate, business and marketing, and wildlife.

Mary has a BA degree in teaching and used this in her career teaching adults about health and safety in the workplace. She has worked in retail both as an employee and a business owner. Together with her husband, she ran a successful computer business before deciding to move to Brazil where they raised tilapia and coconuts. Mary has lived on three continents which gives her writing a strong international appeal through its use of language and insightful comments.

When Mary isn't busy with farming activities, she is writing articles for her blogs and websites. She also is a designer on Zazzle and Cafepress,where her products, because of their global appeal, have sold to people all over world.

Born and raised in California, she married and moved to Britain to raise her family. Now Mary lives in the dynamic and colorful country of Brazil.