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Christen Roberts

I am a dabbler and owner of the shop c.dabble on Etsy (, where I sell handmade skincare products and environmentally sustainable options for life (like beeswax wrappers). I am also a mom, knitter, novelist, freelance writer, and Beautycounter lover. I am often found researching ways to make the world healthy, happy and wise (-er, on all counts).

Knitwitch: A Stitch is Cast Novel, is currently available on Amazon for only $0.99! Get it while it's hot. It is also available in paperback.

I received my bachelor's degree from the University of Rochester in Comparative Literature and German, magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, with highest honors and highest distinction. I hope to one day obtain my master's degree. I still text my father in German sometimes - hoping the language never leaves me - and get lost in a new hobby about every 4 hours. Every day is still a day to learn, even if you don't submit a paper at the end of it.

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